At Connect Logistics, we believe that customers, carriers, shippers and consignees all play a vital role in the logistics process. Our goal is to make sure our relationship with each of these components is working at peak efficiency to ensure a smooth process for everyone involved.

Our relationships with our carriers is integral to the success of Connect Logistics and therefore we see our carriers as partners in our business.

Our partner carriers all share some key qualities:

Performance Driven

Our partner-carriers work hard to perform at the highest level. This hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. We reward our strongest and most reliable high-performing carriers with preferred status.

Shared Core Values

Our partner-carriers have come to expect only the best from Connect Logistics. We built our brand on a reputation of honesty, transparency and mutual respect.

Pride in Work

The carriers we partner with take pride in their work. From the condition of their equipment to levels of communications, our partner-carriers are proud to be a part of the Connect Logistics team.

Let Connect Logistics be your sales force – we’ll get you the load you need, get you the best schedule, and help you grow your business.